Disability and Paid Family

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New York State is one of a handful of states that require business owners to purchase Statutory Disability and Paid Family Leave.

What does that mean?

Here are some basics you’ll need to know:

Statutory Disability benefits your employees get are:

  •  50% of the average weekly wage to a maximum benefit of $170 a week
  • Benefits are payable for a maximum of 26 weeks of disability (during any period of 52 weeks or during any one period of disability)
  • The first 7 days of disability are a waiting period where no benefits are paid. Benefits begin on the 8th consecutive day of disability

Is $170 not enough?

  • Enhanced DBL with 1.5 - 5 times the statutory benefit level may be purchased.

What is Paid Family Leave (PFL)?

Paid Family Leave provides eligible employees with job protection and paid time off for certain qualifying events. Employees can take leave knowing their job is secure, they’re receiving a portion of their salary, and that health benefits are still in place.

How the PFL Benefit Works

Employees may take paid leave in weekly increments or in daily increments (intermittent leave).

  • The maximum length for all PFL-qualifying events from the first day of paid leave and regardless of re- qualifying at a new employer during that period is: 12 weeks (capped at 84 days for intermittent leave) in a consecutive 52-week period.

It is based on the calendar year, not your policy year.

The 52-week period starts with the first day of either DBL taken or paid leave.

  • Maximum length for DBL and PFL benefits can’t exceed 26 weeks in any consecutive 52-week period.
  • Employees may take paid leave for multiple Paid Family Leave events in a consecutive 52-week period as long as the overall leave doesn’t exceed the maximum length they may take. 
  • The benefit amount that is in effect at the time the leave begins applies to the full duration of the paid leave event – even if a new calendar year with increased benefit levels falls within that period.
  • If the gap between leave dates is more than 3 months, a new claim package will need to be completed and submitted.
  • Benefits are paid from the insurance carrier to the employee within 18 days of filing a completed claim.
  • Benefits paid may be offset by child support deductions.
  • Benefits paid to employees are considered taxable non-wage income that must be included in federal gross income for tax reporting purposes. (Assuming they receive $600 or more in a calendar year.)

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